Implementing gender policies in decision-making positions in SME’s

  • Overall project value (EUR): 30.000 €
  • Date: January - December 2010
  • Scale of the investigations: Aragon, Balearic Islands, Catalonia, Cantabria, Murcia & Valencia - (Spain)
  • Contract no: 101/2009/379/001
  • Coordinator:AFAEMME
  • Direct partners involved: Aragonian Businesswomen Association, Association of Balearic Businesswomen, Association of Cantabrian Businesswomen, Association of Businesswomen from Castellón & Murcian Organization of Business- and Professional Women.

Main objectives:

The project’s general aim is to raise awareness between SME’s about the social and economic benefits of promoting a higher number of women to decision-making positions. In order to achieve this mail goal, we will try to identify which are the obstacles for women to get access to these positions in the 5 Spanish regions that will be studied and which measures could favor an easier incorporation of female qualified workforce into responsibility posts. 


  • We will gather statistical information about the situation of women in the labour market in the 5 Spanish participant regions.
  • We will interview the Presidents of each of the direct businesswomen associations involved.
  • We will realize a detailed questionnaire about women and decision-making decisions to be answered by a series of direct business contacts.
  • We will finally gather all the obtained information in order to elaborate a report on the obstacles that women face when willing to achieve decision-making positions in a SME.
  • The final report will be presented during a seminar to be held in Barcelona in October 2010.

Main questions to be answered by the research:

Among others:

  • Is the lack of a higher number of women in decision-making positions in SMEs a consequence of the nonexistent interest of enterprises to promote them or is it a question of stereotypes?
  • Is this situation mainly caused by a lack of measures to combine private and professional life?
  • Are the SMEs aware of these measures and of public support and aid for implementing them?
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