10 Year Celebration of the Union for the Mediterranean’s action towards cooperation and development in the Euro-Mediterranean region

The Union for the Mediterranean (UfM) was launched in July of 2008 by the Euro-Mediterranean Heads of States and Government. Since then, the UfM has created more than 50 region-wide cooperation projects and partnered with 43 countries. The UfM, along with its member countries, work to address common challenges facing the Euro-Mediterranean region. These vary from promoting cultural awareness to combatting the degradation of the environment. Working to serve as an institution that boosts regional cooperation and integration, over the past 10 years, UfM has engaged in a spectrum of activities ranging from combatting plastic pollution in the Mediterranean to empowering women through their “Women of the Mediterranean: the next generation of leaders (WOMED)” project. The UfM will continue its progress that it has made over the past 10 years to further build inclusive human and sustainable development in the Euro-Mediterranean region. Congratulations UfM for all your projects initiatives this past 10 years!!

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June 7, 2019